South Australia’s energy compliance regulations, like Queensland’s, are much more stringent than anywhere else in Australia. The MEPS compliance that will come into force nationally in October of this year, have already been in force in South Australia since early 2010.

While this situation may have left other air conditioning manufacturers with obvious gaps in their product range, Temperzone’s R&D and hard work is paying off. It has enabled them to offer a complete range of fully compliant Premium Fixed Speed air conditioning products.

Over the last 12-18 months, South Australian State Manager Ryan Wijayasekera has moved into the project home market in Adelaide. According to Ryan, there are 2 reasons for their success in this market. “Firstly we have a full MEPS compliant range of Temperzone Premium Fixed Speed products. And secondly we have just re addressed our pricing policy on this equipment. As a result we now have the ideal package for project home builders.

“Our contractors can offer builders a very high quality product, with a comprehensive range that will fit any style or size of home. They can also have it installed for a very good price – a very competitive price.”

Made locally for local conditions

Another very important factor is that Temperzone Premium Fixed Speed units are not just locally made but made for local conditions. These Premium units will run down to -5°C and run up to 46°C ambient. This is particularly important in Adelaide where they can have a wide variation in temperatures. The Adelaide hills can get quite cold, so a unit with good heating performance is necessary. But in the plains, especially the northern plains, it gets extremely hot. It’s not unusual to have a week to 10 days with temperatures well over 40 OC and you need an air conditioner that is designed to cope with these ambients.

Some inverter units do have an issue when the ambient gets very very high. It can cause them to drop their capacity off when it is really needed. Whereas a Premium Fixed Speed unit will continue to operate at 100% capacity and pump out that nice cool air.

Commercial Standard for the Residential Market

The Temperzone Premium Fixed Speed product range has been well developed for the residential market. It’s a commercial standard product that can be put into the domestic market. It has, as standard, a good residential quality control system with zoning. Standard head pressure control ensures it is a fairly low noise unit on the cooling cycle when operating late at night, making it ideal for the residential market.

Fitted with an outdoor unit controller (OUC or just UC), the Premium Fixed Speed units have all the protection they need built in. The units come with low refrigerant protection, high head pressure protection, automatic defrost and more.

Availability is Key

Availability of the Premium product is another key factor when you are working with contractors and builders. Builders, by the very nature of how their projects operate, can’t always predict when a house will be sold, when the new owner or tenant will be moving in. They really need the contractor to be able to respond quickly to their requirements. They may only give the contractor a few days’ notice that they need the outdoor unit installed. That’s achievable now that Temperzone has warehouses right across the country that will stock this product in good quantities, available for immediate delivery.

Over the last 5 years, Temperzone has made a concerted effort to ensure all installers across the country are well trained and understand good installation practices. Having local staff to back up the contractor with service and warranty issues is also significant.

“We are seeing more and more opportunity for this product in this sector. As the confidence grows and awareness increases, builders are clearly asking for the Temperzone Premium Fixed Speed products to be included in a contractor’s submission.”

While the way inverters have been sold to consumers may lead some to believe the Fixed Speed units are ‘old fashioned’, they are in fact the product of ongoing development and actually make a lot of sense. Comparing the EERs of the Fixed Speed and the inverter units shows that the fixed EERs are as good as or better than many inverter products.

For residential applications such as project homes, the Temperzone Premium Fixed Speed products fit the market perfectly and perform very well.


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