In the past, multi-level townhouses and apartments presented quite a challenge to air condition efficiently and effectively. You either ruined the aesthetics of the building with individual units scattered all over the outside or struggled to install a ducted system around concrete slabs. Even if you managed to put the ducted system in, it’s often not efficient because you are forced to draw hot air from a zone that may not be air conditioned.

The new Hitachi Multi Zone system allows you to create the perfect solution for multi-level townhouses or apartments. The Multi Zones System gives you the flexibility of combining an outdoor unit with several indoor units which can be split, ducted or cassette type heads, depending on the configuration required. Recently, Stuart Gordon from Sun City Air Conditioning in Kippa Ring Queensland installed 20 Hitachi RAM 72 units, 20 Hitachi RAK 50s and 60 Hitachi RAK 25s in a development of 20 multi-level luxury townhouses in Roswell. They put one RAK 50 unit in the living area and 3 RAK 25s in each of the bedrooms, all wall mounted.

Stuart told us that, “the townhouses were designed by a local architect for the luxury end of the townhouse market. They builder installed all high quality appliances and fixtures throughout the townhouses. He wanted to air condition the entire living area downstairs as well as all the bedrooms upstairs without exceeding the budget. In similar developments, they would normally just do the living area and possibly the master bedroom. This builder wanted to do everything and it turned out very well.”

Another important feature of the Hitachi Multi Zone System that makes it ideal for this type of application is the piping. It is quite thin, easy to conceal and can be run a long way. Even with a 2 or 3 story building, it can easily reach back to the outdoor unit. It is perfect for those situations where there is very little room or no room to work with.

According to Stuart, the Multi Zone system is very efficient. “When you use a Multi Zone System, you are running the head whether it is ducted, split or cassette, in the air conditioned zone. So your return air is being drawn from that particular area. You are not drawing heat from anywhere else, that’s why they work so well. In this case they worked fantastically.”

The Hitachi RAM 72 outdoor unit is inverter driven and very energy efficient. If only one bedroom is on, the outdoor unit will only run at the capacity required for a 25 head. It allows the tenant to run all three bedrooms or the living area and one bedroom at the maximum combined capacity of 7.5 kw. If more units are turned on, it reduces the amount of capacity going to all the heads, however this rarely happens. If the tenant does want to be able to run all the indoor units at once and have full capacity, then increase the outdoor unit from the 72 to the RAM 90. Because every indoor unit has its own remote control, the tenant can adjust the temperature individually to each indoor unit and enjoy quite a bit of variation.

“With the Hitachi Multi Zone System we were able to achieve everything the builder wanted,” said Stuart, “which is part of the reason we got the job. We came in on budget and were able to air condition all the areas that he wanted without compromising the aesthetic look of the building.” Sun City is a small family based contracting business that handles all mechanical services. They have been in the business for over 30 years and built their reputation on word of mouth recomendations. With 6 mechanics and 4 in the office they feel they are the perfect size to continue giving each customer the level of personalised service that they are well known for.


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