Temperzone has made major investments in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne with one thing in mind. Getting products and parts to customers who need them, when they need them. The good news is that the expansion program is already paying dividends to all stakeholders.

This story starts in Sydney. Australia’s largest city has been Temperzone’s local head office for many years. The growth has been considerable. The Bessemer Street, Blacktown office and warehouse has been expanded on numerous occasions, eventually outgrowing its potential. The short-term fix was to rent additional warehousing nearby, says Temperzone’s General Manager in Australia, John Barlow, but it was only a matter of time before a more permanent solution to housing the growing company’s national head office would have to be found.

The decision was made to move. But as it turned out, not to move very far at all: from 7A Bessemer Street… to 35 Bessemer Street. According to John Barlow, the move has several advantages. “For starters, we’ll be back under one roof,” he says, “meaning that manufacturing, warehousing and dispatch will all take place in the one location. Improved communication is certain to be one of the benefits of the move, and we will also eliminate the need for third party warehousing in peak periods.”

Room to grow

The new Australian headquarters will certainly provide Temperzone with a lot more room to move – and grow. Compared with the old 11,400m2 premises and rented 3,000m2 warehouse, Temperzone has acquired a massive 17,200m2 in one complex. The new national distribution centre is already up and running, and it won’t be long before the administrative offices and manufacturing facility move to 35 Bessemer Street as well. The planning phase is virtually complete, council approvals have been gained and ground has already been broken for the construction of new office accommodation.

Apart from its physical capability to handle B-Doubles with ease, the new complex offers several advantages. John Barlow says that over three kilometers of piping through the factory allow for the reticulation of natural gas, nitrogen and compressed air. The result: the need for cylinders of gas and nitrogen is eliminated, and compressed air is available wherever it is needed throughout the factory.

The next stage in the transition to the new premises will occur when $2.5 million worth of new sheet metal working machinery arrives later in the year. “We’re really looking forward to the consolidation of all Sydney operations to one site,” says John, “because it will ensure that Temperzone’s level of customer service will remain number one in the industry.”

Expansion in other States

Temperzone’s expansion in Sydney has been complemented by similar investments in Melbourne and Brisbane.

In Melbourne, we’re celebrating our first anniversary in a substantial new office/warehouse complex four times the size of the previous premises. State manager Vic Cocks says that the new warehouse can handle two B-Doubles end-to-end simultaneously. He adds that word has quickly spread that Temperzone’s product availability has improved – and increased sales has been the result. “With our increased warehouse capacity, we now receive imported product direct from Temperzone and Hitachi,” he says, “which eliminates the costs and time involved with double handling. More importantly, it means that customers generally receive product within 24 hours of placing an order.”

It’s the kind or turnaround that can make a sale – as proved to be the case recently. A major oil company placed an order with Temperzone in Melbourne one Friday morning, knowing they would receive delivery in Tasmania the next Monday. Vic comments, “In the past, delivery may not have occurred until the Wednesday or Thursday, and in this case, it was a make-or-break factor in achieving the sale.”

Another bi-product of the past year’s growth in Victoria has been the increased staff levels to deal with demand. The crew now includes five sales engineers and two sales support staff. But with four team members having over 15 years experience with Temperzone, there’s plenty of experience to draw on. “Morale in the branch is at an all-time high,” says Vic, “so it’s a pleasure to come to work every morning.”

Growth to the north

Temperzone has also invested in new and larger premises in the Brisbane suburb of Tingalpa. State manager Shane McBride says that the new office and warehouse facility offers over 1,000m2 of stock holding capacity, and that greatly improved customer response time is the result. Just like its Melbourne counterpart, imported product from New Zealand, Malaysia and Japan now comes straight to the State branch, cutting time and possible damage to stock-in-transit. “Holding stock of units up to 60kW certainly gives us an edge,” says Shane, “as the notion of a supplier holding stock of this capacity away from their manufacturing base is almost unheard of.”

Shane says that having such a large amount of stock and products on hand is great for service companies who need to get HVAC plant operational as soon as possible. “They now have the option to replace units on a same day basis, rather than having to wait up to 48 hours for a part from some manufacturers,” he comments. “On smaller units, it is often more economical to replace the outdoor unit than the compressor, so we’re in the perfect position to win new business.” Shane says that improved stock availability is also important where commercial tenancy fitouts are concerned. In many cases, air conditioning upgrades need to be completed after hours in time for a new tenant’s planned move-in date. Contractors now know they can order units on a same-day delivery basis in many cases.

“We encourage new and existing customers to call in and see our new premises and collect their order at the same time,” says Shane, “because we’re confident that when they’ve seen our facility first hand they will be totally confident in dealing with us.”

The investment in new, larger and superior premises in New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland represents a major investment to Temperzone, but one that is already paying dividends. “We have absolute confidence in and commitment to the Australian market,” concludes John Barlow, “and these new facilities prove it. But the most important thing is the impact on our customers – and better service from shorter lead times is the real benefit to them.”


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