The Future of
Air Conditioning Manufacturing
in Australia

The recent decisions by Toyota, GMH, and earlier by Ford, to cease manufacturing cars in Australia has generated a lot of discussion about the future of manufacturing in Australia. Of course there are many other manufacturers who have moved (or are about to move) their production out of Australia. Is Australia doomed to become a very large service economy with a quarry and a farm attached?

Dead Chiller? Don’t Panic!

When the chiller supplying cooling for a busy Pizza Restaurant with a large north facing glass facade died it was panic stations. But not for long. We were able to select and install the replacement unit in eight days.

So if your chiller dies don't panic call Temperzone!

Bowled Over By The Energy Savings

With maintenance and running costs of their old air conditioning system skyrocketing, the Halekulani Bowling Club opted for a more cost effective future with new Temperzone OPA’s including all the Energy Saving options. And they are extremely glad they did!

Hitachi President Honours Commitment to Australia

Late last year, Hitachi Australia Pty. Ltd. celebrated its 30th anniversary in in style at Shangri-La Hotel in Sydney. The event demonstrated and focused on Hitachi’s continuous growth and advancement in Australia.

When You are Fully Exposed - Keeping Quiet is Essential!

Temperzone IXDL chilled water fan coil units were recently selected for the new Tait Electronics technology park. With all services exposed in the ultra-modern building design, low sound levels were a critical factor.

Water Cooled Refurb where Footprint and Efficiency was Critical

A recent refurbishment project in central Adelaide demonstrates just how compact, flexible, easy to install and efficient the new Temperzone Water Cooled Package units really are.