Temperzone has just received the order for over 400 HWP Thermoshell® water cooled package units to be installed at the Mirvac “Eastbourne” apartment complex in Melbourne.

Without doubt “The Eastbourne” will be one of the prestige apartment addresses in Melbourne. Situated just a few minutes walk from Melbourne CBD, the MCG, Melbourne Tennis Centre and opposite the iconic Fitzroy Gardens, this is definitely a super premium development.

Peter Brannan from Temperzone Victoria said, “We were able to provide the right combination of performance, efficiency and price to satisfy the needs of such a premium development. The new HWP units with Thermoshell® are fantastic products that are ideally suited to this project.” He added the project also includes a number of Temperzone CWP plant room water cooled package units to supply air conditioning to the lobby areas.”

Temperzone have been market leaders in the water cooled package units for decades and the introduction of Thermoshell® technology in our heat exchangers have improved efficiency while allowing a reduced water flow and significant reduction in water pressure drop.

When combined with intuitive Temperzone control systems the HWP Thermoshell® products deliver the comfort levels, efficiency and flexibility that makes them ideal for large residential complexes.

Temperzone’s start of the art, water cooled package units are used extensively in Australia, New Zealand and throughout SE Asia, particularly in large residential or hotel complexes.

The major benefits of our HWP Thermoshell® range include:


  • Flexible handing configurations
  • Galvanised Steel construction
  • Filter box with inbuilt filter slides*
  • AS1530.3 compliant Insulation
  • Internal condensate pump*


  • Thermo Shell® technology
  • High Efficiency Motors*
  • Epoxy coated Evaporator Coils
  • Advanced Rifle bore Copper Tubes
  • 13mm foil face insulation polyurethane
  • High efficiency compressors


  • Intuitive UC Control*
  • Precise Temperature Control
  • BMS Connectivity with Modbus/BACnet
  • 3rd Party Control Integration with 12VAC or 24VDC control
  • Dry Contact Fault Output
  • 0-10V EC Fan Motor speed*
  • Electronic Regulating Valve Signal
  • Pump call and pump flow verifications


  • Ease of wiring
  • Vertical handling on CWP
  • Adjustable Indoor Airflow control
  • Rigid structural construction
  • Simplistic maintenance with Access Panels
  • Drain tray compliant to AS3666
  • Removal drain pan*
  • Rectangular spigot

* Please contact Temperzone for more information on these items as there is some variation between products in the range.

For more information on Temperzone HWP Thermoshell®, download the brochure here or contact your Temperzone rep.


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Temperzone has just received the order for over 400 HWP Thermoshell® water cooled package units to be installed at the Mirvac “Eastbourne” apartment complex in Melbourne.

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