Temperzone understands the importance of not only planning for the futures but also actively working to create a better tomorrow. With this in mind, Temperzone has recently partnered with Ultimo TAFE in Sydney on a number of exciting projects. News will bring you more information on others in the coming months, but first we’ll take a look at the testing lab.

Ultimo TAFE, the largest TAFE college in NSW offering over 700 courses, has built a fit for purpose Air-Conditioning testing lab on campus. TAFE’s across the nation play a critical role in by providing relevant and important training to students. The Testing Lab was designed to give students hands on training on a range of products including both Temperzone ducted and Hitachi Highwalls equipment which have been installed there to ensure students receive the proper grounding in our products.

The Air-Conditioning testing lab also offers a range of student centred learning activities such as piping configuration, volume flow rate measurement and installation consideration.

It is aimed towards a number of courses, providing invaluable, hands-on active learning to a wide range of students:

MEM20105 Certificate II in Engineering (Meets the requirements for ARC-Tick Restricted Refrigerant Handling Licence):

  • Cohort in the course are active participants in the Air-Conditioning industry who have no formal qualification and are looking at a pathway into the industry.
  • Pathway for other trades such as Electrical trades students who are active in the industry.
  • Skilled migrants who are active in the industry and are seeking formal recognition.
  • The qualification allows candidates to work under supervision on Air-Conditioning and heat pump systems up to 18kilowatts.

UEE32211 Certificate III in Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration (Apprentices and Fast-track students)

  • Apprentices and Fast track students use the training facility to perform a range of task such as air measurements, design and installation.
  • It also provides an insight into details on system schematics and layouts.
  • It helps students with their air-conditioning assignment.
  • Basic Heat-Load calculation and equipment selection.

UEE51111 Diploma of Engineering Technology in Refrigeration & Air-Conditioning

  • Preform system analysis such as pressure enthalpy processes and psychometric analysis to determine the conditions of air.
  • Compare advanced heat-load calculations and cross- reference with data from manufactures.

Temperzone and TAFE, working together to create a stronger future for the entire industry.


Articles this Issue

Temperzone recently held a hugely successful product and service training seminar in Singapore. The training was tailored specifically for internal sales and distribution staff as well as 90 plus consultants and customers from across Asia including Singapore, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Vietnam and Hong Kong.

Temperzone has just received the order for over 400 HWP Thermoshell® water cooled package units to be installed at the Mirvac “Eastbourne” apartment complex in Melbourne.

In commercial air conditioning we often focus on just the parts of the year with peak demand for heating and cooling. In much of Australia and New Zealand the air conditioning equipment typically spends much more time operating in the part load conditions than it does at peak heating or cooling loads.

Rapidly changing technology offers many exciting new features that can make our lives easier, but it’s really only effective if we keep up to date with all the changes. So why not make the most of the cooler months and make sure you and all your staff are up to date with all the recent product changes?

Over the years Temperzone News has brought you numerous examples of how well Temperzone units are built to withstand the extreme temperatures in Australia…but this one is a little different. This project isn’t in the middle of the desert or near a corrosive mine somewhere, this one is in Antarctica.

Temperzone understands the importance of not only planning for the futures but also actively working to create a better tomorrow. With this in mind, Temperzone has recently partnered with Ultimo TAFE in Sydney.